Cagliari Cooking Class & Dinner Experience

Looking for a Guerrilla restaurant, an Underground Restaurant, a Hidden eatery or a supper club in Cagliari, Sardinia?

Add a very special touch at your holiday in Cagliari, Cook and Taste the most traditional Sardinian foods and disches with a sardinian chef. Choose our Cagliari Cooking Class & Dinner Experience!

Description of Cagliari Cooking Class & Dinner Experience

Stay tuned for join our secret Cagliari Cooking Class & Dinner Experience.

With this social dining eating establishment operated out of someone’s home, you will discover the secrets of Sardinian traditional cuisine by: 

  • learning how to cook some of Sardinia’s authentic, typical dishes like Malloreddus, Pasta alla Bottarga, Sebadas;
  • tasting and eating traditional cheese and salami;
  • drinking some of the best wines and liquors like Vermentino, Cannnonau, Mirto!

The Cagliari Cooking Class & Dinner Experience could start in the morning if you add a fantastic tour of legendary San Benedetto Market, one of the most famous fish and food markets in Europe (if you are in Cagliari for a holiday, a tour to this market is a must). During the market tour you could:

  • weave through the colorful stalls of San Benedetto Market where you will seek out local vegetables, seafood of the highest caliber, traditional, succulent and delicate cheeses and salami;
  • buy, with your culinary guide, the foods and wines for the cooking class and dinner to be held in the evening,

In the evening of the appointed day, the Cagliari Cooking & Dinner Experience will start with the cooking class. Cooking class takes place in private houses located in the historic center of CagliariCooking class is an hands-on workshop where you will learn how to cook traditional Sardinian dishes. You will cook them yourself with the aid of an experienced chef and the complicity of the other classmates.

Amongst scents, flavours and good wine, we will unveil the secrets of our cuisine while you enjoy a traditional meal. Back home, you will be able to impress your guests with new recipes!

Hands-on cooking class consists in elaborating of could include:

  • traditional foods like Malloreddus, Pasta alla Bottarga, traditional cheese and salami, Sebadas,
  • some of the best wines and liquors like  Vermentino, Cannnonau, Mirto,
  • a fantastic BBQ of traditional fish, meat and vegetables of Sardinia.

Additional info on Cagliari Cooking Class & Dinner Experience

  • Experience type: Cooking, Cuisine, Food.
  • Tour level: Easy.
  • Location: private home in historic center of Cagliari, Sardinia.
  • Starting time: Approx 19:30 / 20:30.
  • Meeting Point: Address of the house will be indicated the appointed day.
  • What is included: Cooking class of Sardinia’s authentic and typical dishes; Tasting, eating and drinking of traditional cheese and salami, and wines and liquors; enthusiastic and formative local chefs; family friendly experience.
  • Notes: menues will vary according to season and available fresh produces in local markets; each class highlights the flavor of the classics with a touch of modernism, leaving you with a picture-perfect final meal to be shared among classmates.

Cagliari Market Tour

Add a very special touch to your holiday in Sardinia with our Cagliari Market Tour & Tasting!

Description of Cagliari Market Tour & Tasting

Have a tour to the famous San Benedetto Market and local food shops and learn how to get the best and freshest ingredients for your Sardinian cooking.

San Benedetto Market is an essential element of the city’s life. Located in the center of the city, San Benedetto MArket is the most prominent market of Cagliari.

Venturing inside means discovering the city’s essence; this is where you will find the true fusion of colours, shapes and aromas of top quality foods from Sardinia.

With our Cagliari Market Tour & Tasting will discover with us Sardinia cheeses, salami, prosciutto, vegetables, fruit, meat, fishes as well as some artisan products.

The tour includes also a visit to a wine shop where you will learn all about wines and olive oil varieties and production.

Tour includes food, wine and typical food tasting too.

After the San Benedetto Market tour you could complete you Sardinia’s food knowledge by adding a fantastic Cooking & Tasting Experience in Cagliari!

Additional info onMarket Tour Cagliari & Tasting

  • Tour type: Cultural, Food.
  • Tour level: Easy.
  • Location: Cagliari, Mercato di San Benedetto.
  • Starting time: Approx 08:30 / 09:30.
  • Starting Point: Historic Center of Cagliari.
  • What is included: our of San Benedetto Market with a local food expert guide; tasting of traditional foods; written notes.