Boat Rental in Cagliari, Sardinia

Are you having a holiday to Cagliari in Sardinia and would you like to discover the fantastic sea of this beautiful city by boat? Enjoy the sea and the sun, rent a boat with a skipper-guide!

Cagliari Boat Rental

Cagliari Boat Rental

Renting a boat with a skipper is a guarantee for spending a privileged time, far from the beaten tracks and tourist traps.

Just imagine: go the the small touristic harbor of Marina piccola in Cagliari whre a boat will be ready to pick and bring you wherever you like in the South Sardinia Coastç la Sella Del Diavolo, mari Pintau, Geremeas, Solanas, Villasimius are just simple exemple of possible destinations to visit and where to swim in the crystalline waters for an unforgettable outing !

Discover the hidden secrets of the sea of Cagliari  and South Sardinia Island by Boat with a professional skipper

Cagliari Boat rent Sardinia

Cagliari Boat rent Sardinia

Discover the hidden secrets of the Cagliari and South Sardinia Island by renting a boat with professional skipper.

Our trusted skippers with a wealth of experience sailing these waters know all the magical hidden spots taking you closer to paradise than you’d ever thought possible:
  • Dropping anchor in the prettiest little coves you have ever seen.
  • Stopping off at beautiful beaches.
  • Enjoying hikes in the untouched and inaccessible parts of each island (Optional).
  • Savoring some delicious sea foods that the skiper could take for you.
  • Snorkeling in crystal clear waters.
  • Or just kicking back and relaxing on the deck.
Boat rental with skipper is available fot 1 person to 6 people.
With at least 20 years of sea experience in the Southern Sardinia, our skippers will be happy to share our hidden secrets with you in order to ensure that you have a fantastic experience.

Where we rent and how we rent the boats

We are based in Cagliari and our boats are at the small Harbor of Marina Piccola in Caglari. Most of the times we are out with clients so we suggest you to contact us in advance by using the contacts indicated here below.

We are an association and we are not an agency that rents boats from different suppliers. All the boats that we have, are ours. For that reason our availability of boats is limited.

Renting with us guarantees the direct treatment and of course you benefit from the best prices, without intermediaries costs.

Rates for Boat rental in Cagliari

Our rates include:

  • Equiped Boat,
  • Gasoline,
  • Skipper,
  • Snorkeling equipment.

Rates are the following:

  • Half Day / 4 hours (from 8:30 to 12.30 or from 13:30 to 17:30)
    • from 1 person to 2 people: 240 euro
    • from 3 people to 4 people: 290 euro
    • from 5 people to 6 people: 340 euro
  • Full Day / 9 hours (usually from 8:30 to 17.30)
    • from 1 person to 2 people: 440 euro euro
    • from 3 people to 4 people: 540 euro
    • from 5 people to 6 people: 640 euro
Contact Us

If you need to know the avaolability of boat rental or you like to rent a boat in Cagliari contact us by using our contact form or via whatsapp. Most of the times, we cannot answer to the phone because we are busy with tours and clients at the sea.

Please let us know how many people traveling, dates and preferred rental (hal or full day).


Dear customer,

at this page you can find the prices for our tours.

In case you need more information, you could contact us by filling the contact form or by texting us via whatsapp (if you call us, we could not answer because we are often busy doing tours).

to book a tours, you have to fill the Tour Form a this page.

Description 2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People 6 People 7 People 8 People
SUP & Snorkeling Tour in Cagliari (2,5 hours) 65 euro 55 euro 45 euro 45 euro 45 euro 45 euro 45 euro
SUP & Snorkeling Tour in Villasimius (3 hours) 75 euro 65 euro 60 euro 55 euro 55 euro 55 euro 55 euro
Boat & Snorkeling Tour in Cagliari  (2,5 hours) 75 euro 65 euro 60 euro 55 euro 55 euro 55 euro 55 euro
Boat & Snorkeling Tour in Villasimius  (3 hours) 85 euro 75 euro 70 euro 65 euro 65 euro 65 euro
Land Rover Tour 120 euro 85 euro 65 euro 50 euro 45 euro 40 euro
Cooking and Dinner Experience 75 euro 65 euro 55 euro 45 euro 40 euro 40 euro 35 euro
Cooking and Dinner + Market Tour 85 euro 75 euro 65 euro 55 euro 50 euro 50 euro 45 euro
Tour of Cagliari by Night 40 euro 35 euro 30 euro 24 euro 20 euro 18 euro 16 euro
Historic Tour of Cagliari 40 euro 35 euro 30 euro 24 euro 20 euro 18 euro 16 euro
Cagliari Flamingo Bike Tour 60 euro 45 euro 40 euro 40 euro 40 euro 40 euro 40 euro


  • Prices are per person
  • Shuttle Service from Cagliari to Villasimius can be provided (price depends on number of people)
  • Payment: the tour/experience must be paid at the beginning of tour/experience


Villasimius Boat Trip with Snorkeling

Experience our Villasimius Boat Trip wind Snorkeling, a Cruise Excursion across the uninhabited islets and protected sea as the reserve of Isola dei Cavoli of Villasimius in Sardinia.

Description of Villasimius Boat Trip with Snorkeling

Boat & Snorkeling Tour in Villasimius Sardinia

Snorkeling in Villasimius

In this unique Cruise our you will have the opportunity to discover by you own why the sea of Sardinia in considered one of the best in the world.

With the Villasimius Boat Trip with Snorkeling you will:

  • explore from the best point of view the wonderful Marine Natural Reserve of Villasimius
  • try the unforgettable experience to swim in his turquoise and crystalline water and snorkel surrounded of multicolor fishes;
  • visit the holy shipwrecked’s Madonna, a suggestive statue under the water at the depth of 11 meters;
  • trekking in the Cavoli island to reach his picturesque lighthouse and enjoy the indescribable view;
  • do an adrenalin and safe jump from a 10 meters rocks.

Never Snorkeled before?

Snorkeling is simple, can be learned in a matter of minutes and mastered on your first outing. Snorkeling is easiest to learn with the assistance of one of our crew members.

Additional info on Villasimius Boat Trip with Snorkeling

  • Tour type: Sport, Nature.
  • Tour level: Easy/Medium.
  • Location: Villasimius, Sardinia, in the protected sea area of Isola dei Cavoli
  • Starting time: on demand.
  • Starting Point: Villasimius.
  • What is included: Boat trip; Snorkeling; Professional Eco-guide; Mask and snorkel; Optional: Pick-Up, fruit and beverages.

Land Rover Tours in Cagliari, Villasmius, Chia, Pula

Wild Land Rover Tours in Sardinia

Land Rover Experience Tours

Would you like to do an adventurous Excursions in Sardinia by Land Rover?

Starting from the area of Cagliari, we propose Land Rover Tours to discover and watch Regional Parks, Flamingons, Archeological sites, fantastic beaches, wild nature and much more!

Land Rover Tours

  1. Land Rover Tour to Sardinia South-East: Nuragic Sites and Villasimius
  2. Land Rover Tour to Sardinia South-West: Santa Gilla, Nora and Chia
  3. Land Rover tour to Molentargius, Cape Sant’Elia and Sella del Diavolo

1. Land Rover Tour to Sardinia South-East: Nuragic Sites and Villasimius

With this tour we will climb hills to Nuragic sites before to visit, in Villasimius, the beautiful beach of Porto Giunco where, with a short and wild walking, you could admire his old spanish watch-tower.

During the tour the guide will give you full geo-botany and historic info.

2. Land Rover Tour to Sardinia South-West: Santa Gilla, Nora and Chia

With this tour the guide will drive you to Santa Gilla lagoon to have a bird-watching. You will visit the archaeological site of Nora and the Sant’Efisio Church in Pula.

Finally you will visit a red dear forest reserve or the wonderful Chia beaches with his epic tower.

3. Land Rover tour to Molentargius, Cape Sant’Elia and Sella del Diavolo

With this tour you will visit the Molentargius’s Natural Park where watch the Flamingos. Then your guide will drive you to Cape Sant’Elia and to the Sella del Diavolo where you will have a trekking excursion. With your sport shoes (trekking shoes are not necesssary), you you will trekk on the top of Sella del Diavolo where there are some punic ruins and from where you from where you can see a fantastic landscape of Cagliari, Poetto beach and of Golfo degli Angeli.

During the tour your guide will give you full information of botany and geological history of the Cape Sant’Elia and Sella del Diavolo.


Additional info on Land Rover Tours in Cagliari, Villasmius, Chia, Pula

  • More tours and excursions by Land Rover to beaches, archaeological sites, finest vineyards can be possible on demand.
  • Tour type: Nature, Adventure, Historic.
  • Tour level: Easy.
  • Location: depends on the Tour
  • Starting time:Morning Excursions from 08:30 to 12:30 approximately; Afternoon Excursions from 14:30 to 18:30 approximately
  • Starting Point: Historic Center of Cagliari; Optional: Pick-up on demand.
  • What is included: Land Rover tour, Professional Eco-guide; Optional: lunch box, fruit and beverages.

Villasimius Beaches Excursion

Full-Day Beaches Excursion to the best beaches in Villasimius, Sardinia.

Discover Punta Molentis (Rio Trottu), Porto Giunco, Simius Playa, enjoy a fantastic day relaxing, sunbathing, bathing and snorkeling in one of the best sea of Sardinia island.

Description of Villasimius Beaches Excursion

Take an unbeatable day excursion to the paradise shores of Villasimius.

Relax on beautiful beaches. Socialize with other guests during the excursion, a dive from the rocks or a game of volleyball. Enjoy sunbathing, bathing and snorkeling on the crystal sea of Villasimius in Sardinia.

With our Villasimius Beach Excursionstarting from Cagliari,  we will bring you to see the most beautiful landscapes and beaches.

Villasimius Beach Excursion is perfectly designed for people looking for a memorable experience in the fantastic beaches of Villasimius.

Additional info on Villasimius Beaches Excursion

  • Tour type: Nature, Adventure.
  • Tour level: Easy.
  • Location: Beaches of Villasimius, Sardinia.
  • Starting time: Morning: 08:30.
  • Starting Point: Historic Center of Cagliari.
  • What is included: Excursion to the best beaches of Villasimius; Transportation from Cagliari to Villasimius and back; Sun Umbrella; Snorkel equipment; Professional Eco-guide; Optional: fruit and beverages.

Tour SUP in Villasimius

Experience and explore the sea of Sardinia from a different perspective, from a point of view you will never see!

Enjoy a fun and relaxing day with our Tour SUP in Villasimius!

What is Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)?

Stand Up Paddle boarding, that is becoming one of the most popular sports in the world, is a paddle sport originating from an ancient oceanic culture and has a lineage from outrigger canoeing.

SUP enable surfers to paddle farther into the ocean than is typical or to paddle standing up as a sport unto itself

SUP is eco-friendly and safe sport that gives you a good core workout while you are at the heart of nature.

Description of Tour SUP Villasimius

SUP Villasimius: Lessons Tour SUP in Villasimius, Sardinia

Tour SUP in Villasimius

SUP is super easy and a great way to experience beautiful protected marine sea of Villasimius.

Our SUP tours are flat-water and cruising tours appropriate for all ages and levels of experience!

The Tour SUP Villasimius includes SUP lessons as well a SUP Tour in the sea of Villasimius. The places you’ll visit offer a serene and peaceful retreat for your mind, body, and soul. It is an experience to share with your family , friends and your tour-mates.

With the SUP Tour in Villasimius you will have also the possibility to snorkeling in a turquoise and crystalline sea surrounded of multicolor fishes.

Finally, if you wish, you could have a safe jump in the sea from rocks.


Additional info on Tour SUP Tour in Villasimius

  • Tour type: Sport, Nature, Adventure.
  • Tour level: Easy/Medium.
  • Location: Cagliari: Villasimius, Sardinia.
  • Starting time: Morning: 08:30 – 09:30; Afternoon/Evening: depends on the season.
  • Starting Point: Villasimius, Porto Giunco Beach.
  • What is included: SUP basic lessons and safety briefing; SUP tour; Professional guide and SUP instructor; Photos; Snorkeling equipment.