Carasau Bread – sardinian typical food

What is Carasau Bread?


Pane Carasau are thin crunchy flatbread of Sardinia made from the durum wheat flour, salt, yeast and water. Surprisingly the dish is of ancient origin and these breads can last up to one year if kept dry. The name is derived from the Sardinian word “carasare,” meaning crust of the bread. The breads are originally from Barbagia and have been a typical meal for the shepherds.

The Carasau bread has been divided into two types- Guttiau, Frattau bread. Guttiau are seasoned with oil and salt and a light toasting brings out the flavourful taste of the dough. Whereas Frattau breads are somewhat similar to lasagna, consisting different layers filled with sausage, cheese, fennel and sauce.

Its crispy and light appearance has made it earned the name of “music sheets” and this name is preferable in most parts of Italy. The Carasau goes best with appetizers and with fresh cherry, tomatoes and oregano.


Carasau bread food tour Sardinia typicalCarasau breads are a sardinian typical food of ancient origin and are known as “carta musica” (music sheets) due to its mien as a translucent paper. Its traces have been found in the archaeological excavation of Nuraghi, which proved the existence of these Italian breads prior to 1000 BC.

Being involved with the traditional culture the breads became a versatile food of the Sardinian cuisine. These dishes were specially made by the women for their shepherd men who worked in the fields, taking care of their herd long away from their homes.

The flatbreads were taken along as they can be stored for much longer days without losing their flavour and characteristics.


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The bread looks very simple but the preparation has a very complex process divided into seven stages. The laborious process always requires three women to make it.

The dough is made with the durum wheat flour, water, beer, yeast and salt. Separate the dough into three or four parts and roll them into very thin sheets. After having prepare the sheets bake them in oven with the temperature of at least 840° F or 930° F.

The heat makes the sheet puffs up like a ball and later they are cut skilfully along the circumference into two pieces. Once divided, the sheets are again baked in the oven to obtain the crispiness, colour and flavour. After getting the exact taste, the breads are seasoned with oil and served with oregano and tomatoes.


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Pane Guttiau- The recipe involves Carasau breads, olive oil, Mediterranean sea salt and Pecorino Romano cheese. The baking is a simple and easy process. You need to heat the oven into 400° and add cheese, salt and olive oil over the flatbreads. Place the Carasau over the heated oven and bake until the cheese melts. Your Pane Guttiau is ready!

Pane carasau sardinian restaurant food tourPane Frattau- Frattau bread is composed of tomato sauce, virgin olive oil, eggs, Spanish onion, and thyme, cloves garlic, carrot and grated pecorino sardo. Sauté the onion and garlic in the olive oil and add thyme, carrot and tomato to it. Cook them for 30 minutes. Meanwhile smoke the eggs and prepare the bread by leaving them soaked in hot water for 3-4minutes. Spread the sauce over the bread and the place the egg on top. Sprinkle with grated cheese and serve.