Sardinia Mines & Dunes Tour

In the unique tour Sardinia Mines & Dunes Tour you will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the incomparable and virgin nature of the wildest part of Sardinia island: Costa Verde and Piscinas.

You  will visit the highest sand dunes in Europe, and join the visit of the Sardinia Geominerar Park with its astonished ghost villages of MontevecchioIngurtosu and Naracauli.

Description of Sardinia Mines & Dunes Tour

Sardinia Mines & Dunes Tour starts visiting the mineral area of Montevecchio one of the most ancient mining sites in Italy (the extraction of minerals here dates back to the Phoenician and Roman times). In 1842, modern industrial mining activity started in the area: at that time, the mining village of Montevecchio was inhabited by more than 3000 people. The mines of Montevecchio stopped their activities in 1991 and now is an important site of industrial archaeology, part of the Parco Geominerario Storico ed Ambientale della Sardegna.

After visiting the mineral area of Montevecchio the Sardinia Mines & Dunes Tour will continue in a dirt road toward the coast passing throw magnificent wood of oak, chestnut, juniper, Mediterranean scrub, where is not unusual come cross with wild animals such as sardinian deer, boar, eagle. In the way we will stop in the ghost villages of Ingurtosu and Naracauli, ancient mineral village now completed deserted, where you can have the opportunity to take unforgettable pictures.

At the end of this charming route, we will arrive at the beach of Piscinas uniquely surrounded by sand dunes formed by the natural forces of the Mistral. In this Sardinian desert, junipers, rare flowers, beach grass and wild olive trees grow, and often in the late afternoon the Sardinia deer use to visit it. Dunes of Piscinas can be up to 60 meters and can reach into the Sardinian mainlands for more than 1 kilometer.

We will guide you in the most panoramic point in order you can shot the best pictures. You will have time to relax, to snorkel and to explore the dunes.

In the way back we should stop in the small town of Arbus, where you could have a the opportunity to visit the Sardinian knive Museum.
You will learn about a ancient Sardinia tradition and there will be show you the different steps and techniques of the knives working.
Registered to the Guinness of primacy in 1986, it is finally possible to admire the biggest knives in the world (kg 80 of weightiness, and m. 3,35 of length).

Details of Sardinia Mines & Dunes Tour

  • Tour Type: Cultural, Nature
  • Activity Level: Easy
  • Location: Costa Verde and Piscinas, Montevecchio, Ingurtosu and Naracauli
  • Duration: 10/12 hours
  • Starting time: 8:30 / 9:00
  • Starting Point: historic center of Cagliari, pick-up possible
  • What is included: Excursion Costa Verde and Piscinas (dunes), Montevecchio, Ingurtosu and Naracauli (mines); Live guide; Relaxing and Sunbathing at the beach.